• Moving Tip #1 – If renting, advise your current landlord or agent, in writing, of your intention to move
  • Moving Tip #2 – Advise your children’s school / kindergarten and have transfer documents sent to your new school/ kindergarten
  • Moving Tip #3 – Collect children’s school records, immunisation certificates etc. for the new school
  • Moving Tip #4 – Contact government agencies and notify them of your new address and date of move
  • Moving Tip #5 – Inform your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists of your move. Collect your records or request transfer to your new practitioners
  • Moving Tip #6 – Start notifying businesses, colleagues and service providers of your intended change of address
  • Moving Tip #7 – Consume your supplies of frozen and perishable foods
  • Moving Tip #8 – Confirm details with Allied – times for pack, move, unpack, clean, details of storage, insurance etc.
  • Moving Tip #9 – Arrange to disconnect and connect your essential services, gas, water, phone and electricity.
  • Moving Tip #10 – Arrange Post Mail Redirection Service application to redirect your mail to your new address
  • Moving Tip #11 – Transfer all home deliveries to new address
  • Moving Tip #12 – Arrange childcare for your moving day if necessary



  • Moving Tip #1 – Transfer bank accounts to a more convenient location
  • Moving Tip #2 – Advise the tax or other government authorities as appropriate
  • Moving Tip #3 – Repair and clean the general household
  • Moving Tip #4 – Have a final clean-out and dispose out-of-date materials from under the kitchen sink, garage, laundry etc
  • Moving Tip #5 – Dispose of flammables
  • Moving Tip #6 – Drain fuel from lawn mower and other machinery
  • Moving Tip #7 – Gather all keys from old address, get spares from family and friends
  • Moving Tip #8 – Send e-cards to everyone with your new details
  • Moving Tip #9 – Collect instruction books for stove, dishwasher, security system and leave for new owner
  • Moving Tip #10 – Cancel or change local services such as lawn mowing services, newspaper deliveries etc.
  • Moving Tip #11 – Keep a bag free with all the things you’ll need for your unpacking and cleaning
Keep a few things out for the kids on move day
  • Moving Tip #12 – Have your gas bottle purged
  • Moving Tip #13 – Clean oven
  • Moving Tip #14 – Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Moving Tip #15 – Secure electrical items and make sure safe to move



  • Moving Tip #1 – Place all suitcases and essential items you need in one specified place so they are not loaded in the removal van, eg. bathroom or car
  • Moving Tip #2 – Set aside and carry all valuables and important papers and passports with you
  • Moving Tip #3 – Pack your essentials in the Allied Essentials Carton, (refer Moving Manual)
  • Moving Tip #4 – Ensure children and pets are safe and out of harm’s way
  • Moving Tip #5 – Turn off the gas at the meter, the electricity at the switchboard and water at the tap – make sure all cleaning is finished first
  • Moving Tip #6 – Do a final walk through with the packing team
Tighten taps before you leave
  • Moving Tip #7 – Leave a note at your old address with your forwarding address details
  • Moving Tip #8 – Lock all doors and windows as you leave
  • Moving Tip #9 – Test all keys and consider changing your locks



  • Moving Tip #1 – Be sure to unpack the items and, if necessary, file any insurance claim early.
  • Moving Tip #2 – Store items that don’t fit in your new home – consider selling or donating any unwanted items
  • Moving Tip #3 – Find where the local sports clubs, parks and social centres are, join some clubs and get involved in your new neighbourhood
  • Moving Tip #4 – Visit the local shopping precinct and ascertain which shops are best for parking, price and convenience
  • Moving Tip #5 – Familiarise your pets with your new home as quickly as possible, keep cats inside for at least a week and use Feliway to help cats settle
  • Moving Tip #6 – Contact the destination office regarding the used packing cartons